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Solar Water Heating System Suppliers In India

Solar power aims at reducing your carbon footprint without the hassle of changing your lifestyle. It saves those pennies that you spend on big-fat electricity bills. Over the years this saving can add up to thousands! So, what are you waiting for? Go green and adopt solar energy systems into your day-to-day operations

Photon Energy Systems caters to both small and large-scale solar water heater projects. Hence, it is renowned solar water heating system supplier in India.

Clean energy to heat your water

Hot water is a basic necessity for household and industrial applications, which can be expensive if procured through traditional heating methods. Thanks to the solar water heaters, that can provide hot water, day and night, 365 days and at minimal cost.

It consists mainly of:

  • a thermal panel (solar collector)
  • a tank
  • circulating pump and a thermal regulator

Our expertise of more than 22 years makes us one of the best solar water heating system suppliers in India. Flat plate collector has an Aluminium body and prevents heat loss as the collector box is tightly insulated. High-performance solar collectors can produce heat up to 300ºF. Evacuated Tube Collector Technology is based on absorption of solar energy that is passed on to cold water.

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Solar Water Heating System Suppliers in India