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Solar net-metering companies

Solar Net-metering is an agreement that allows the Solar Photo Voltaic system owner to sell excess solar energy to the efficacy company or buy shortage energy from the usefulness company using a meter to track this energy exchange..

The Advantage of Net-metering:

1. Since the solar energy system owner is charged for the net energy consumed from the efficacy grid, the owner gets benefits in terms of money. E.g. If energy generation is less than energy consumed: owner pays just for the net amount. If energy generation is greater than energy consumed. Then the owner gets credit for excess generation.

2. It avoids the storage of excess generated energy into the battery.

3. Produce today and earn tomorrow

We are a leading solar net-metering company in India. We support go solar revolution and

generate energy with the help of photovoltaic solar systems.

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Solar net-metering companies