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Solar Irrigation Pumps Manufacturers India

Photon Energy Systems- The leading solar irrigation pumps manufacturers in India , with its consistent focus on innovation and development, has attained unheard heights in the solar energy system industry. By providing the best-in-class irrigation pumps, we have created a new benchmark in the industry.


India being agriculture based country relies on water for agricultural practices. Water is the lifeline of our agriculture sector. Not only this, we strive for eco-friendly measures to harness water from beneath the Earth. A solar irrigation water pump consists of a number of solar PV modules connected in series - parallel combination. The solar irrigation pumps can draw water from the bore well, open well, stream / pond or canal.

Photon Energy Systems generates constant and good quality of energy which increases the life of the irrigation pump to 25 years. Being a renowned solar irrigation pumps manufacturer in India, we deliver the most economical, reliable, and user-friendly solar irrigation pumps in the market.

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Solar Irrigation Pumps Manufacturers India