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Solar energy companies in India

We, at Photon Energy Systems, aspire to lead the Green Revolution with path-breaking technologies and innovative solar solutions. Backed by our cutting-edge approach to manufacture solar energy systems, we hope to create a positive impact on the environment. With a production capacity of 50Mwp, we are now one of the leading solar energy companies in India. We continue to enthrall communities with extensive expertise in installing solar power projects both in remote and urban areas.

Building the future of energy

Our product portfolio includes myriad of solar energy solutions namely, PV products, thermal products and power plant solutions. An increased utilization and proper harnessing solutions would ensure a cleaner environment. We, at Photon Energy Systems, are committed to manufacture and supply of high quality solar power products. We are a recognized leading solar energy company in India, specializing in high efficiency PV module manufacturing and comprehensive power-plant solutions. We look forward to providing green energy to all.

With 22+ years of experience in integrating solar power solutions, we are an active contributor in shaping the solar revolution. Some of our prestigious customers are - NTPC, Neyveli Lignite, KPCL, TATA Power, APGENCO, DRDO, GMR among others.

Reach us to find out how you can benefit from solar energy systems.

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Solar energy companies in India