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ETC solar water heater companies in India

(Evacuated Tube collectors) ETC solar water heater –Nowadays, ETC is being used widely in industrial as well as in residential applications. Our ETC Solar Water Heater ensured high quality and reliability along with excellent performance even in bad weather conditions. Photon Solaris a symbol of brilliance. The use of high efficiency evacuated tubes ensures maximum absorption of Solar energy & the high-quality insulation of the tank provides a small drop in hot water temperature in nights or cold climatic conditions.

ETC solar water heater companies in India - Photon Solar is the leading manufacturer and supplier of ETC solar water heater across India.


Ø Reduced electricity Bill: It reduces 50% electricity bill. Heating water using Geysers contribute a major amount in the electricity bills.

Ø Save interior space: Proper use of the rooftops guaranteed while going for solar rooftop power plant.

Ø Safety: Increases the safety. It avoids the electricity shocks in bathrooms.

  • Elegant appearance (made of only shining glass and Stainless Steel)
  • Available in sizes (100/200/300/500 LPD or by integrating multiples of 500 LPD systems) to suit any application (Homes ~ Hotels ~ Hospitals ~ Hostels ~ Guest Houses ~ Process Industries etc.)

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ETC solar water heater companies in India