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Best Solar Water Pumps Manufacturers

Solar pumps manufactured by Photon Energy Systems are state-of-the-art technology product designed to provide eco-friendly and energy efficient solution. This has helped us gain a respectable position as the best solar water pumps manufacturers .

Our solar water pumps are made from superior quality raw material and offer anti-corrosion and provide high wear resistance.

Simple yet sustainable energy solutions

Solar water pumps are ideal for remote locations where there is a scarcity of electricity. Suitable for daytime irrigation, our solar water pumps give continuous output for 6-8 hours. Solar water pumps find application in drip irrigation, sprinklers in farms and industrial applications. For applications that require constant speed, the solar controller has been designed to accept both the Solar DC and AC input from the Grid.

Salient features of solar water pumps:

  • Can be used for any kind of motor
  • Accepts both solar and Grid input
  • Environment friendly
  • Economic solution

By significantly reducing the carbon footprint and providing economical solar energy solutions, we have emerged as one of the best solar water pumps manufacturers.

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Best Solar Water Pumps Manufacturers